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Mercados del Atlantico

About us...

We are one of the best operators for private markets in Spain. Do not forget that we are a pioneer in this sector Canaria and first in creation and management of markets in Spain.
Our markets have varied time opening times and we offer varied themed markets. This of course depends on the area and the characteristics of the location.
The proof of our success lies in the large number of markets we have in operation at the moment and also the many new projects we have in the pipeline.
We maintain a close relationship with travel companies and tour operators together with a long list of traders and this all adds up to the smooth running of the markets.

We also create, promote, manage and participate in markets for on behalf of other companies.


The most important asset for us is our staff; we employ highly qualified, professional specialists with many years of experience in this field in order to bring to fruition our many projects.



   Bear in mind that the creation of a market in an area brings many advantages to the locality ;-
As well as employment opportunities it offers the chance for people to open their own business.
Policed correctly it helps to discourage illegal street hawking.
They offer a shop window for the local craftsmen and artists.
As a Company we always try to fulfill our obligations and to this end we count on a team of adaptable, qualified professionals.
We are leaders in the sector of creating, managing and promoting all types of markets.
Huge variety of products can be found in our markets, International handicrafts, antiques, textiles, souvenirs, small adornments, gastronomy and much, much more. We have both general and specialized markets.
Our markets enhance the area where they are located and give a real boost to the area for the local businesses and restaurants.


   Promote market advertising campaigns, providing media plan and strategy, especially promoting it as a commercial recreational space for its original and varied range makes it attractive not only for tourists but also residents in the area.
In all campaigns is expressly stated on the location, with consequent implications for the Municipality.
In the enclave of the market is trying to save the aesthetics needed for effective integration with the environment. That produces a positive effect with the visitor, whether resident or outsider who predisposes to purchase, thus turning the space into a real place of leisure and recreation, also having guarantees purchase of products being purchased.

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